Bringing the West and the East together for the best experience.

PARADISE SPA & SAUNA offers the best services tailored to meet your need to escape from everyday stresses. Our beautifully designed spa is the perfect oasis to relax, enjoy, and revitalize.


Every sauna and spa service are designed and
performed with personal attention and your consideration in mind. Our expertly trained staff is always ready to welcome and provide the highest-level of service focused to your needs.


We encourage you to visit PARADISE SPA & SAUNA, the true wellness and relaxation center.


Good value for what it is! Its small not many rooms but again only $20! Nice for a simple visit of saunas and steam rooms. I really enjoyed this as a comparison for other spas that are $75 and are super crowded. Was clean and staff is friendly. People expecting a high end luxury experience with cosmetic services at a small spa for $20 and leaving bad reviews need to read before arriving. I'm a simple person, I enjoy the hot rooms for the low cost and very this was a great value for me.

—  Zaina I

Marble Surface
Shoulder Massage


Massage Therapy is a form of pressure-point massage based on the fact that each part of the body's organ and muscular function can be accessed and healed through specific nodes or reflexes in the hands and feet.


Wet spa is nude area and separated by gender, but all the other facilities are unisex and every customer is required to wear an uniform provided by Paradise

Body Scrub

Basic and simple way to experience the benefits of Korean Body Scrub. Monthly scrub treatments arerecommended to maintain the glow and a better complexion of your skin by removing impurities anddead skin to aid skin's self-repair.


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